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Bungalows from a sports stand

The innovative concept of the Bungalows is intended to provide six small self-contained units constructed within the confines of the former sports stadium seating structure.

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Complex for holiday and rest

This complex is planned to be placed near water channels with tree lines. Main restaurant building and bungalows, with natural playground for kids.

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Design of interior

Following the seven Elements of Interior Design: Space, Line, Forms, Light, Color, Texture, Pattern, here are two favorites: The Wok To Walk Restaurant, and The Jack’s Restaurant.

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Modern log cabins

This complex is planned to be placed in mountains and it contains one central house with restaurant and two types of log cabins.

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Shipping Containers design

When we are talking about shipping containers, they are not only Eco-Friendly, but also durable, tough, affordable, fast to build, and you can always express yourself with unique style of your shipping container.

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