ALPHA KODI  is a team of interior design architects and manufacturers led by  team that has participated in more than 100 projects throughout its 10 years of activity.

We design, develop and produce all kinds of projects for housingsoffices and commercial premises everywhere.

We deal with the whole process. We act as architectsinterior designers and decorators to define and develop the project. Then we take charge of its management and production as a construction company. From the initial concept to the smallest detail, offering keys in hand. HOW WE WORK

In ALPHA KODI  we always start from a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of ours clients and the proximity with them, to look for the balance between the beauty and the maximum functionality.

We put our creativity to the service of the client, adjusting our own style to the characteristics of each case. Whether it is space, we develop solutionsspecially designed to make life easier for our clients.

Thanks to our experience both in the design of the interior architecture and in the subsequent construction and production of our projects, we have acquired a global vision of the process that allows us to ensure the formal and economic success of any project during all its phases until the last detail.

Aleksandar Sibul

Co-Owner Executive manager

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